Section 3: Working Relationships


Why is teamwork important when working on a film production?

Teamwork is vitally important to film production because it is a largely collaborative based project. Everyone has a different and set job however, all these jobs are focused on the same goal – completing the film. Therefore, it is important to communicate between all crew members to ensure that everyone is able to work to their best of their ability so that all aspects of the film are the best they can be.


How did you develop good working relationships with your crew members? Give examples

I tried to be as communicative and supportive as possible. When I was working as an Assistant Director I tried to make sure everyone was comfortable and promote a pro-active attitude. It was really important to motivate everyone on set so we all felt enthusiasm for the work we were doing. In addition to this, I think its also important to have humour, this a great way to  make everyone comfortable and more outgoing. When everyone feels communicative rather than reserved it is easier to collaborate in a friendly environment.



Were there any problems you needed to overcome? Give examples

One of them was being confident enough to provide constructive criticism. Especially when my role was a focus puller. I didn’t manage to tell the director or the DOP that the shot was out and focus and so one of the takes is quite blurred. I made sure in my next role as AD I wasn’t too worried about pointing out anything I thought wasn’t quite right. Whilst still ensuring that the production was moving along efficiently and no-one felt demotivated.


What qualities are needed to work well with others on a film production?

I think communication is one of the most important. As well as an outgoing attitude and ability to approach others. I think a lot of the relies on confidence but not so much you become obnoxious. It is important to make sure you consider everyone else’s ideas and personalities around you.


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